Cold Storage Monitoring for COVID 19 Vaccine

Cold Storage Monitoring for COVID 19 Vaccine

In November of 2020, the CDC offered an addendum to their Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit that is specifically related to COVID 19 vaccines. Since the temperature requirement is quite low, there is an emphasis on transport and storage of the vaccine to their final destinations at clinics, hospitals, and health centers. Vaccines exposed to storage temperatures outside the recommended ranges may have reduced potency, creating limited protection and resulting in the revaccination of patients, adding additional cost.

Proper Storage is Mandatory

Vaccines must be stored properly from the time they are manufactured until they are administered. The CDC has created a Cold Chain Flowchart which lists the details and responsibilities from the vaccine manufacturers to vaccine administration. Throughout all stages of the cold chain, use of calibrated, reliable temperature monitoring equipment are required.

Vaccine Coordinators are under tremendous pressure, and we at Allometrics offer our assistance in the transmission of the vaccines.

How We Can Help You Meet CDC Cold Storage Requirements for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Digital Data logger with a Buffered Temperature Probe

The CDC recommends that you use a digital data logger with a buffered temperature probe, the most accurate way to measure on the spot vaccine temperatures. We at Allometrics, would like to offer an extra layer of security, by adding a second probe that measures the air temperature in the cold storage unit. In the event of a temperature excursion, the probe in the air will notify you of a potential problem. The temperature recorded by the buffeted probe can be more closely monitored to discover if or when the activation of the emergency transport section of your system of operations is necessary.

Madge Tech VTMS System

Allometrics offers the Madge Tech VTMS System. The probe is encapsulated in a buffer solution which allows you an accurate representation of the temperature of the vaccine. A second VTMS would have the probe exposed to the open air of your cold storage device. This will alert you to a potential problem before it affects the temperature of the vaccine. The display units also measure and record the room temperature for the temperature excursion report.

CDC best practices state that the Vaccine Coordinator review storage unit temperature readings and continuous digital data logger software or website information weekly for changes in temperature trends that might require action. The Madge Tech VTMS System provides this function via their cloud-based data storage system.

The CDC recommends that there be a probe in buffer that will represent the internal temperature of the vaccine. Almost all ultra-low freezer manufactures include an onboard monitoring system but they only take the air temperature. The VTMS System will let you comply with the CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit.

Certification of Existing Temperature Monitoring Devices

If you already have your temperature monitoring devices, Allometrics can certify them for you in order to satisfy CDC requirements. The CDC says that the TMD’s must conforms to International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 17025 international standards for calibration testing and traceability.

Allometrics is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited in temperature calibration. Calibration / testing should be done every one to two years or in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggested timeline. TMD’s can experience a “drift” over time, affecting their accuracy. This testing ensures the accuracy of the device conforms to nationally accepted standards.

Allometrics Inc. Cert# 2039.01

ASAP Program

Please note that Allometrics, also offers a third-party monitoring system. This is part of our ASAP Program (Allometrics Service Assurance Program). Our 24/7 Service will take care of the monitoring and send you immediate alerts and notifications to prevent any compromising of vaccines. Let us do the monitoring, so you can focus your time and energy where it matters the most!

We Can Help You With Cold Storage Monitoring for COVID 19 Vaccine

YES! We can help you keep your pharmacy meet the CDC Cold Storage Requirements for the COVID-19 Vaccine. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE!

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