Precision Measurements in Specialty Gases & Their Vital Role

The Importance of Precision Measurements in Specialty Gases

Environmental laws are increasingly becoming more stringent as has fiscal monitoring of the oil and gas trading industry.

The increased scrutiny has made the accurate measurement of emissions and product quality an essential part in the production of specialty gases.

Given the above, it is clear that the industry’s measurement process requires precise calibration gas mixtures and ultra-high purity zero gases to comply with the ever-changing legislature landscape of the hydrocarbon processing industry.  Let us explore the underlying importance of precision measurements in specialty gases.


Petrochemical Industry Precision Measurements in Specialty Gases

High Precision Gases and Its Applications

High precision gases have become indispensable in at least three main applications within the refining industry.

Environmental Emissions Monitoring

The reality of climate change and other environmental factors has resulted in stricter legislation. These legal requirements, in turn, created a demand for accurate and precise measurements at all stages of production of refineries, and hydrocarbon processing facilities to ensure they are operating within their consent levels.

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Natural Gas Distribution

The law requires that gas metering starts at the well site where the extraction of sulfur, water vapor, and other contaminants of natural gas takes place. After the cleanup, the gas must meet the requirements that deem it apt for sale.

During the distribution or custody transfer process, the gas travels through a pipeline. When it changes ownership or crosses an international border, it will once again need to undergo an ultra-precise measurement. These measurements are essential because to invoice correctly; the exact heating value needs to be known.

Natural Gas Distribution importance of precision measurements in specialty gases

Emissions Trading

Emissions trading is a common practice in the United States. It has been successfully used as an approach to reduce pollution and protect human health and the environment.

The practice of emissions trading provides financial incentives to companies in different sectors to reduce their number of emissions. In the specific case of petrochemical plants, they can sell the quota of emissions they did not emit.

In this sense, accurate measurements are used to provide a direct financial benefit to the organization.

The Importance of Metrology

High precision analytical instruments, including balances, scales, and test weights, are required to determine minimal variations in the composition of natural gases, hydrocarbon processes, and to monitor emissions.

Specialty gas blenders use finite gasses to create a specific blend used for welding, cutting, and gas chromatograph carrier gasses.

The most common analytical processed used for natural gas measurements is Gas Chromatography (GC). This instrumentation requires a high purity carrier gas that is fit for purpose in terms of its purity. The blend for GC’s has to be precise to as low as one part per billion. This precision is only obtainable with high capacity, high-resolution balances.

The Importance of Metrology and the importance of precision measurements in specialty gases

Aside from achieving a high degree of accuracy, the results from the analytical measurements must be comparable to regional and international standards. These standards call for the metrological traceability of the measuring results.

Higher precisions in calibration mixtures and the implementation of traceability help establish better standardization of precision measurements worldwide. When we increase accuracy, we also increase the confidence in the analytical data. Traceability to national or international standards provides all stakeholders, including gas producers, end-users, and environmental agencies, with a higher degree of confidence that the analytical data reported is accurate and uniform.

The professional calibration services provided by Allometrics is helping the petrochemical industry achieve its emission goals while delivering a higher quality product to users.

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