Allometrics brings the experience, education and integrity required to ensure that your products are free of contamination and your employees are kept safe. Continual education is of great importance to Allometrics. We are members of IEST and CETA. We also proudly employee NSF certifiers.

We are factory authorized to service Baker, Nuaire, Thermo (Forma), Germfree, Labconco equipment.

Clean Room Testing

Performed on a scheduled service basis. Each unit receives a thorough inspection followed by preventative maintenance measures. The unit is then tested to ensure performance to established specifications. Nationally recognized standards are employed for testing and certification purposes as required. Quality documentation is provided and tailored to meet specific customer reporting needs.

Allometrics certifies clean rooms, consults on new clean installations, and provides cleanroom gowning training. We can help you become USP <797> compliant.
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Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Testing and Certification

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Chemical Fume Hood Testing and Certification

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Viable Sampling

We will work with you to develop a sampling plan based upon your facility’s Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSP’s) risk level, size, orientation of the compounding area and the environmental controls utilized.

When should viable sampling be performed?
Upon commissioning of rooms and/or environmental controls and at least semi-annually thereafter, When environmental controls are relocated, or; After facility renovation(s)

How do we collect viable air and surface samples?
Settling plates are no longer acceptable. We use USP797 compliant volumetric air sampling devices and media contact plates. Surface samples are collected manually on growth plates. All samples are tested by a lab with 35 years of experience with the pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacy industries.

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USP 797 Compliance

We offer comprehensive environmental testing programs to ensure client USP<797> regulatory compliance. Our factory trained technicians will certify that your primary engineering controls (laminar airflow workbenches, biological safety cabinets, barrier isolators) operate as designed, according to industry standards, and achieve ISO Class 5 air environment. That buffer and ante-areas operate according to USP 797 standards. This includes certifying that these areas achieve the correct ISO-classified air environment, air changes per hour, pressure, and pressure differential.

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What We Certify

Complete list of equipment we calibrate and certify by type: (pdf)
Air Handler Supply Filter Banks
Air Showers
Animal Isolators
ASHRAE 110 Qualification Testing of Laboratory Chemical Hoods
Bactec TB Units
Bag-in Bag-out HEPA Filter Banks
Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC’s Class I, II, III)
Chemical Fume Hoods
Chemical Weighing Booths
Chemotherapy Cabinets
Clean Rooms
Containment Suites
Dry Heat Ovens and Tunnels
Ductless Fume Hoods
Dust Collectors
Environmental Monitoring
Exhaust HEPA Filter Banks
Filter Banks in Air Handlers or Walls
Glove Boxes
HEPA Vacuums
Isolation Chambers
Lab Balance Enclosures
Laminar Flow Clean Benches
Laminar Flow Surgery Rooms
Local Exhaust Hoods
Isolation Rooms
Magnehelic Gauge Calibration
Negative Air Units
Negative Flow Hoods
Patient Isolators
Pharmacy Compounding Isolation Chambers
Re-Gelling Positive Pressure Plenums and Filters
Sterility Isolation Chambers
Smoke Pattern Tests with Video Taping

Decontamination Services
Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC’s)
Clean Rooms
Formaldehyde or Chlorine Dioxide
Isolation Booths and Equipment
Filter Boxes
Complete list of equipment we calibrate and certify by type: (pdf) Find out more