HEPA Air Filter Comparison

Many industrial sectors are now required to maintain rigorous air quality standards within their work environments, making it necessary to install air purifying systems.

The process of selecting the right HEPA air filter is not always as clear-cut as we would like. There are many factors to consider. Among the top features to contemplate we can list:

  • It needs to be powerful enough to clean the air in large work environments
  • It should be quiet enough not to disrupt your work team’s productivity
  • It should be easy to relocate
  • It needs to be affordable

Pitfalls to Avoid

The first thing to do before buying an air filter system for your business is to understand a HEPA filter.

HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air [filter],” and it’s a type of mechanical air filter capable of removing dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles that are 0.3 microns (µm) in size.

There are different standards for HEPA filters based on their application which can be confusing for consumers. Unfortunately, some companies have taken advantage of this to claim their filtering systems are HEPA filters when they are not.

When looking for air filtering solutions, avoid any make that market their products as “HEPA-type,” “HEPA-like,” “HEPA-Syle,” or “99% HEPA”, as these do not comply with the minimum US standards and probably never tested in independent laboratories.

HEPA Air Filter Comparison

Why we Recommend the FS 70 Air Purifier

Few air filter devices meet all the features listed above. However, after working with HEPA air filtering systems for many years, we believe we’ve found a unique air filtering system that adapts to a wide range of commercial and industrial settings, offering versatility and superb filtering capabilities without breaking the bank.

The FS 70 air purifier by QleanAir Scandinavia is by far the best air filtering system in its class.

Here are just some of the features of the FS 70 Air Purifier

Superior Filtering Capabilities

As mentioned before, there are different HEPA filter standards; QleanAir uses “H14 HEPA Filters”.

The specifications for H14 mean the HEPA filter must filter 99.995% of particles on average and 99.975% of particles at any given spot.

This translates into a superior filtering capability that is ten times more efficient than a standard HEPA filter.

Better Filters

An air purifying system is only as good as the filters it uses, and the FS 70 uses the best filters available in its class.

If you were to unfold the fabric of the FS 70’s HEPA filter, you would be amazed to find it’s about 20% larger than the average parking space. This means not only are the filters more efficient, but they are also capable of holding a larger number of particles.

All HEPA filters used by QleanAir undergo extensive testing and come with their corresponding EN-1822 report. EN-1822 is the gold standard used to rate high and very high-efficiency air filters with ultra-low penetration.

Low Sound Output

Sound pollution is a primary cause of decreased employee productivity and is regarded as the most common occupational and environmental danger.

QleanAir’s FS 70 operates between 25 and 65 decibels, which is significantly lower than most competitors, which range from 52 to 67 decibels and are incapable of the air output at such low volume.

The sound output of the FS 70 ranges from rustling leaves to normal conversation volumes. By contrast, no competitor device can operate below 35 decibels, which is a genuine concern in some environments such as NICUs, where the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends noise levels stay at or below 45 decibels.


The FS 70 is an excellent option for both commercial and home applications. Its versatility means it’s easy to configure to fit your needs. In addition, reconfiguration is quick and easy, making it a highly versatile device.

The best part is, you can move your SF 70 air purifier with little to no setup, which significantly reduces the cost.

Air quality in enclosed spaces has never been more critical. In light of the global health crisis of this past year due to COVID-19, providing clean air and a safe work environment is imperative.

Contact us today to discuss your air purifier needs with one of our experts. We are available to answer your questions and help you select the best HEPA air filter system for your business or home needs.

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