Cleanroom Services

Certified Cleanroom Solutions

We are excited to announce our new division, Precision Biotech Solutions!


We specialize in:

  • Cleanroom design and construction
  • Providing customized cleanroom solutions
  • Cleaning cleanrooms
  • Equipment and supply sales

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Cleanroom Certification Services

Allometrics customizes cleanroom testing and certification based on site-specific needs, adhering to industry and international standards. We provide flexible reporting formats and on-site custom report generation to expedite validation.

Certification documentation includes:

  1. Summary of test results and acceptance standards.
  2. Site-specific test methods.
  3. Facility blueprints with test measurement locations.
  4. Raw data collection.
  5. Certification for each test.
  6. Calibration certificates for test equipment.

Cleanroom Certification

Allometrics’ highly trained CETA-certified, NEBB-certified and NSF-accredited technicians will certify your cleanroom as well as conducting a wide range of tests in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), ISO and federal standards.

Guarantee a contamination-free environment and maintain operational integrity and regulatory compliance with Allometrics cleanroom certification and testing services.