Lab Freezer Calibration

At Allometrics, we provide laboratory and on-site Lab freezer calibration services for companies within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, hospital, and food processing industries.

Our skilled technicians and expertly designed calibration procedures allow us to accurately calibrate all makes and models of lab freezers and refrigerators.

Our more than forty years of experience in the field places us in a unique position to help you achieve and maintain quality compliance for industry and governmental regulations.

The Importance of Lab Freezer Calibration

The use of industrial refrigerators and freezers is imperative in scientific and food processing settings. Freezers serve to store temperature-sensitive materials and samples.

Slight temperature variations could result in unsafe goods reaching end-users; they can also set research efforts back months, if not years, and lead to costly product recalls.

Routine calibration ensures that a freezer is operating within tolerance and in compliance with all regulatory standards.

At Allometrics, we provide lab freezer calibration services that adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications. Likewise, we can customize our calibration to your required quality control or related compliance requirements.

On-Site & In-Lab Freezer Calibration Services

Our freezer calibration services will provide you peace of mind knowing that your critical cold storage equipment, even those used in sensitive areas, continuously operate within tolerance.

Allometrics delivers ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilities for a range of industrial cold storage units, including those used in laboratory settings that require greater temperature control.

We have trained our technicians to provide specialized cold storage calibration services for companies within the life sciences and healthcare industries to meet the demands of these challenging times.

We are proud to help our customers across various industries meet stringent regulatory guidelines regarding cold storage units through our service and expertise.

We provide on-site freezer calibration services for companies within a 50-mile radius of our facility. Additionally, we provide pick-up and drop-off service to make calibrating your equipment easier.

On-Site & In-Lab Freezer Calibration Services