Volumetric Flask Calibration

Allometrics provides NIST traceable and ISO 17025-accredited volumetric flask calibration services in our controlled temperature laboratory. Our technicians use the gravimetric method to test a variety of volumetric flasks type A and type B in accordance with ISO 8655.

Allometrics offers comprehensive volumetric flask calibration services. With more than 40 years of experience backing our services, we can service virtually every brand of volumetric flask available on the market today. Our trained technicians will calibrate your flasks to specific industry standards.

When you send us your volumetric flasks, we guarantee that our technicians will:

  • Disassemble the pipette and thoroughly clean all its internal and external parts
  • Conduct a leak check
  • Polish piston and lubricate parts
  • When needed, replace seals, O-rings, and friction rings
  • Conduct gravimetric testing on 6-place ISO 17025 accredited balances which are certified prior to use.
  • Place a non-smudge, traceable label on all flasks listing calibration date/calibration due time
  • Provide full documentation of calibration service
  • Deliver Certificate of Calibration

Our Turnaround Times

We calibrate volumetric flasks from customers all over the USA.  Contact us for a free estimate today.  Our usual turn-around time is five business days at our facility. In case of an emergency, our technicians are available to perform on-site calibration services.

If you have an upcoming audit, contact us, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you meet your deadline.

Contact us for a free quote, or to schedule a calibration, repair, and certification service today!  You’ll only wish you found us sooner.