Pipette Certification Program

Our goal at Allometrics is to ensure that your pipettes remain in optimal condition as long as possible. We offer a fast, expert-level pipette certification program that includes all preventive maintenance and adjustment requirements.

To meet your needs, we work with you to create unique service packages. We offer certification, preventive maintenance, and repair services on-site and in our accredited, climate-controlled laboratory.

Our PCP Services include:

  • Leak check
  • As found as left data
  • Calibration adjustment
  • O-ring and seal inspection

As part of our preventive maintenance program, we also provide the following services:

  • Removal of tip ejector, tip holder, O-ring, and seal
  • Lubricating pistons or cylinders
  • Removing excess grease from piston
  • O-ring and seal replacement when needed.

Pipette Capabilities

Pipette Calibration

Our capabilities extend to all makes and models of pipettes (single-channel and multi-Channel), making it easy for you to maintain your instrument’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Our capabilities include calibration, certification, and repair for most pipette models in the following industry sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-Medical
  • Forensics
  • Petrochemical
  • Research

We offer three levels of certification:

  • ISO 17025 -compliant with ISO 8655 (10 as found, 10 as left)
  • ISO 17025 (4 as found, 4 as left)
  • NIST traceable (4 as found, 4 as left)

Allometrics is an approved vendor for some of the top manufacturers, including:

  • Sartorius
  • A&D
  • Ohaus

Advantages of Our Pipette Certification Program

Pipette Calibration

By entrusting us with your pipette calibration, maintenance, and repair needs, you benefit from:

  • Our more than forty years of experience
  • Fast, expert-level calibration service
  • Preventive maintenance and repair service expertise
  • NSF, CETA, and IEST-trained and accredited technicians with ample experience
  • Superior customer service

As an A2LA-accredited company, we aim to provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our Turnaround Times

We calibrate pipettes from customers all over the USA.  Contact us for a free estimate today.  Our usual turn-around time is five business days at our facility. In case of an emergency, our technicians are available to perform on-site calibration services.

If you have an upcoming audit, contact us, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you meet your deadline.

Contact us for a free quote, or to schedule a pipette calibration service today!  You’ll only wish you found us sooner.

Pipette Calibration