Multimeter Calibration Services

Multimeters are essential electronic measuring tools for any sector where precise and traceable measurements are indispensable to keep workers, manufacturing equipment, and end consumers safe.

At Allometrics, we understand the value of accurate and reliable reading better than most. Thanks to our robust capabilities, we can service a range of brands and models both on and off-site.

Why Multimeter Calibration is Important

Multimeters are versatile instruments used daily to test and diagnose electrical and electronic equipment. The daily readings measure critical electrical parameters set to safeguard workers, equipment, and product users.

With so much hanging on the quality of electrical measurements, multimeter calibration is vital in ensuring the quality and reliability of electric and electronic devices, processes, and end products.

However, as system designs become more complex and demand tighter tolerances, you must take preventive measures to guarantee a high degree of measurement accuracy.

By regularly calibrating your multimeters, you can rest assured that your equipment and all your readings and measurements comply with Federal and international standards.

Multimeters Calibration Services
Multimeters Calibration Services

NIST-Traceable Multimeter Calibration and Certification Services from Allometrics

Multimeters from all leading manufacturers can be tested, calibrated, and repaired. We perform multimeter certification on-site or in our accredited state-of-the-art climate-controlled lab. Our on-site calibration services are guaranteed to provide the same level of accuracy and quality as those we provide for our on-site calibration services.

Multimeters Calibration Services

Our Technician’s Capabilities

Our technicians will test, calibrate, and certify your equipment according to strict standard operating procedures (SOP’s) that comply with Federal and International Safety Guidelines.

Additionally, all our services comply with current best manufacturing practices, cGMP, NSF-49 guidelines, and specific manufacturer specifications.

Our Testing Equipment

The quality of any calibration service is only as good as the testing equipment used to certify it. That is why at Allometrics, we ensure all our testing equipment meets Federal and International standards and are NIST traceable.

Your calibration data report will always include pertinent data of the equipment used during testing, calibration, and certification of your instruments.

Allometrics calibrates various measuring instruments including:

  • Current Clamp Meters
  • Data Loggers
  • Handheld Digital Multimeters
  • Desktop Multimeters
  • Electrical Testing Instruments
  • Special Multimeters and Measuring Kits
  • Megohmmeters
  • Fluke
  • Craftsman
  • Agilent
  • Tektronix
  • Amprobe
  • Extech Instruments
  • BK Precision
  • Keithley
  • Instek
  • Yokogawa
  • Tenma

Our testing capabilities include:

  • AC Voltage
  • DC Voltage
  • AC Current
  • DC Current
  • Resistance and Capacitance
  • Conductance
  • Frequency
  • Inductance
  • Temperature
  • Continuity Testing
  • Diode Testing