About Us

Calibration, Metrology, Controlled Environment Certification

About Allometrics

Allometrics is a complete laboratory solutions provider specializing in calibration, metrology and controlled environment certification. We manage a broad base of experience and technical competency and have proudly served our diverse customer base since 1976.

Calibration and certification is essential for companies that want to ensure that their profits are protected and quality is enforced.

Allometrics is an accredited full service calibration and certification company with on-site calibration for most equipment. We are ISO 17025 accredited and offer NIST traceable conformity testing. We offer electronic calibration reports and your equipment is cataloged in our instrument certification database to ensure that a full history is maintained safely and securely.

Why Allometrics?

We understand our clients’ businesses and stay aligned to their changing needs, our team of professionals and fast turnaround time ensures you are up and running.

How We Get the Job Done


dependability, confidence. We serve many of industry’s leading firms. References are available upon request.

Communication and Consulting

We offer quality critical consulting to ensure that assets are properly calibrated and certified as required to meet all quality objectives.

Rapid Response

Our field service staff is geographically positioned to enable best pricing economies and to meet unexpected client call-outs and emergencies.

Industry Awareness, Competency, Training, and Credentials

We are active in the scientific community and participate as members in meaningful and beneficial industry associations.

  • ISO 17025 accredited and routinely audited by A2LA (The American Association For Laboratory Accreditation).
  • Members of NCSLI, IEST, CETA, ASQ.
  • Our technicians routinely attend OEM seminars, industry forums and receive 
periodic proficiency testing.

Meet Our Staff

We manage a professional and credentialed technical staff, which allows for flexible service scheduling to meet strict client operational demands. Our service management team ensures project oversight and support. Our quality management team assists clients with instrument quality and audit related concerns.

Customer Service

Gladys Carpenter

Customer Service Representative

Phone: (832) 261-3087

Autumn Shelton

Customer Service Representative

Phone: (832) 261-3103

Jaden Kripas

Customer Service Representative

Phone: (832) 261-3094

Amy Smith

Calibration Lab Coordinator / Customer Service Representative

Phone: (832) 261-3066

Erica Cyrus

Customer Service Representative

Phone: (832) 261-3091


Mark Burchett


Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 2080

Anthony Traughber


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Emilio Rosales


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Mark Aiena


Phone: (281) 474-3329

James Tavernier


Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 2042

Brian Burtzlaff


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Eric Alexander


Phone: (281) 474-3329

John St. Germain


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Taron Firebaugh


Phone: (281) 474-3329

David Keller


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Reggie Giroir


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Greg Graziano


Phone: (281) 474-3329

Mario Arthur


Phone: (281) 474-3329


Jim Province

Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 2037

Juan Hernandez

Account Manager

Phone: (832) 261-3077

Terry Baldwin

Quality Manager

Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 1040

Laura Saravia

Office Manager

Phone: (832) 261-3082

Leif Martin TX RM

Service Manager / CE Technical Support

Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 2040


Juan Maldonado

Logistics Coordinator

Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 2045

Lisa Martin

Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 1000

Sarah Lassiter

Phone: (281) 474‐3329 Extension 2041

Amber Woodrum

Phone: (832) 261-3133

Karen Roy

Phone: (832) 261-3133

Terry Gray

Phone: (832) 261-3103

Current Industry Markets Served

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Refining
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear
  • Paper /Pub
  • Metallurgical
  • Telecommunications
  • Environment
  • Bio-Medical
  • Crime/ Forensic Labs
  • Drug Compliamce Testing Labs
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Universities
  • Municipalities