Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets

Calibration, Repair & Certification

Minimize the risk of harmful exposure to infectious materials and avoid product contamination with biological safety cabinets calibration and certification services from Allometrics.

The Importance of Biosafety Cabinet Calibration and Certification

Biological Safety Cabinets Video: Watch Emilio Rosales, explain the importance of Biological Safety Cabinets Calibration, Repair, and Certification.

Biological safety cabinets (BSC’s) are the frontline barriers for hazardous material containment. They are used primarily in cleanroom environments for research centers, hospitals, and compounding pharmacies that work with potentially infectious or harmful agents.

Biosafety cabinets are localized environmental protection units that use HEPA filtration and exhaust systems with the intent of protecting lab workers, samples, and products from potential contamination.

Because of their vital role in workforce protection and product quality, they must comply with the strict industry standards.

Allometrics Biosafety Cabinets Calibration and Certification Services

At Allometrics, we provide comprehensive testing, certification, and maintenance of biosafety cabinets to hospitals, pharmacies, biotech, and research and development (R&D) labs throughout the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas.

Range of Certification Services

You will have access to your electronic certifications listing in detail all services performed. These may include:

  • Airflow Velocity Profile
  • Inflow and Downflow Velocity Testing
  • Smoke Pattern Test
  • Viable and Non-Viable Particle Count
  • HEPA Filter Leak Test
  • Noise Level Measurement
  • Light Intensity Test
  • UV Light Test
  • Electrical Safety Test
  • Vibration Testing
  • Pressure Decay and Biosafety Cabinet Integrity Test
  • On-site installation of test and alarm calibration – Required on biological safety cabinets Class 2 Type B1 and B2

Our Technician’s Capabilities

Our technicians will test, calibrate, and certify your equipment according to strict standard operating procedures (SOP’s) that comply with Federal and International Safety Guidelines. Additionally, all our services comply with current best manufacturing practices, cGMP, NSF-49 guidelines, and specific manufacturer specifications.

Allometrics service technicians are fully trained and certified to perform warranty repairs for all major biosafety cabinet manufacturers.

Our Testing Equipment

The quality of any calibration service is only as good as the testing equipment used to certify it. That is why at Allometrics, we ensure all our testing equipment meets Federal and International standards and are NIST traceable.

Your calibration data report will always include pertinent data of the equipment used during testing, calibration, and certification of your instruments.

Why Choose Allometrics?

Allometrics is the top-rated ISO 17025 accredited laboratory near you!

As an NSF Accredited Biological Safety Cabinet Field Certifier, we ensure your BSC’s provide the maximum protection for your staff and products.

We’ve specialized in accurate, fast, and reliable biosafety cabinet calibration and certification services across multiple industries for more than forty years. Furthermore, all our lab equipment testing, calibration, and certification services are compliant with current ISO and NIST traceable standards to ensure your equipment remains compliant with all Federal and Industry safety guidelines.

Our highly experienced and certified technicians work out of our state-of-the-art climate-controlled laboratory. Our rigorous training and specialization allow us to service all major BSC types and makes.

Along with our fast, personalized service and service reminders, our calibrations include a detailed Certificate of Calibration that provides information regarding measurement traceability, accreditation, and instrument condition, including initial and final states and all out of tolerance and adjustments made during the calibration.

Contact us today to learn more about our service and capabilities and schedule your next biological safety cabinet calibration and certification.

Allometrics is the top-rated ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

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