Sartorius Quintix® Pro Analytical Balance with Internal Adjustment, 0.1 mg, Non-verified Standard, 320 g

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Enhanced user experience with new premium features including:

  • Easy access to menu option with a large, 7-inch, high-resolution full-touch graphic display with modern upgraded user interface
  • Ensure the highest weighing accuracy with the internal motorized leveling and automatic internal adjustment isoCAL
  • Quick access to the integrated digital manual for common help topic
  • Fast adaptation of balance performance to the unique needs of each application through the improved semi-automatic filter adaption (AFA)
  • Seamless connectivity features include interface options, easy data transfer, and GLP | GMP compliant printout


Flexibility for use in a wide range of environments and applications:

  • Customization with different tiers of user management access with passcode protection
  • Tested for use in cleanrooms grade A and B, and special environments e.g., vacuum, argon, and nitrogen
  • Smart design and chemically-resistant surfaces made of PBT, glass and stainless steel support routine cleaning protocols
  • 15 integrated application programs for common weighing tasks
  • Extended language package with 15 language options


Reduced environmental impact from the manufacturing plant to the bench:

  • Climate-conscience production process utilizes recycled materials e.g., aluminum, in addition to environment-friendly packaging
  • Power-saving operation with stand-by or switch-off modes
  • Automatic dim function, reduces display brightness when balance is not in use to save power
  • User-defined, automatic start timer powers up the instrument in time for daily use
  • Digital user manual minimizes paper consumption, while allowing quick access to information


  • Item No.: QTX324IRU-1S
  • Dimensions WxDxH – 220 × 377 × 346 mm
  • Weighing Chamber Height – 240 mm
  • Weighing Pan Diameter – ⌀ 90 mm
  • Adjustment – Internal automatic (isoCAL)
  • Anti-Theft Locking Device – Kensington Lock, lockdown capability for cable or chain
  • Display – 7-inch, high-resolution full-touch graphic display
  • Languages – Chinese; Czech; Dutch; English; French; German; Hungarian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish;; Turkish
  • Leveling – Real-Time Level Support
  • Repeatability – ± 0.1 mg
  • Scale Interval – 0.1 mg
  • Typical Stabilization Time – ≤1.5 s
  • Draft Shield – Manual
  • External Calibration Weight – 200 g | E2
  • Linearity – ± 0.2 mg
  • Minimal Sample Weight according to USP and PhEur (optimal) – 0.082 g
  • Sensitivity Drift between +10 °C and +30 °C – ± 1 ppm/K
  • Typical Measurement Time – ≤2.0 s
  • Weighing Units – Gram, kilogram, carat, pound, ounce, troy ounce, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, grain, pennyweights, milligram, parts per pound, China tael, mommes, Austrian carat, tola, baht, mesghal and Newton
  • Maximum Weighing Capacity – 320 g
  • Operating Conditions – Temperature – +10 – +30 °C