Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Mapping

Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Mapping

Businesses operating within industries that are regulated by the FDA or those that require Installation Qualification Operation Qualification (IQOQ) or Performance Qualification (PQ) must meet the required storage conditions as specified by these regulating bodies.

Therefore, temperature, humidity, and pressure mapping become an essential factor in achieving compliance.

What is Temperature and Humidity Mapping?

Mapping refers to the process of recording the temperature and humidity levels in a 3-dimensional space.

To create the visual plan or map of the enclosure, technicians place multiple temporary recording devices known as dataloggers throughout the area. These dataloggers allow the user to see the temperature and humidity for each chosen location within the room.

We tend to believe that temperatures and humidity levels in autoclaves, controlled environment rooms, freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and environmental chambers are uniform throughout the space. However, temperature, humidity, and pressure readings can vary significantly from one location to another.

Why is Temperature and Humidity Mapping Important?

Product quality and efficacy rely on the proper storage of goods. Temperature and humidity levels that fall out of the required specifications can cause damage to the ingredients during the manufacturing process as well as to the final product during storage.

Additionally, temperature and humidity disparities in laboratories, crime labs, and viable sampling plate manufacturers, can compromise testing samples.

Most controlled enclosures already have one or two monitoring probes that provide continuous readings to the Central Monitoring System. A mapping of the chamber will complement this information by offering readings from additional locations within the room. Therefore, ensuring the Central Monitoring System reflects the true conditions within the space.

Our Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Mapping Capabilities

At Allometrics, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and our ability to adapt our services to our client’s specific requirements.

Our temperature, humidity, and pressure mapping capabilities are as follows:

Temperature: -80 – 140 C / 0.5 accuracy

Humidity: 0-90% / accuracy 3-5%

Pressure: 0-5bar / .03 bar accuracy


Readings can be taken from every second up to one reading every 24 hours, depending on our customer’s needs. Our mapping service can run for one or more cycles and for 24-hours or longer as required.

Additional Benefits of Allometrics Temperature and Humidity Mapping

Our mapping services offer many benefits, including:

  • Verification of environmental conditions to ensure the stability of the environment and capture any temperature variances
  • We can map a variety of enclosures including autoclaves, controlled environment rooms, freezers, refrigerators, incubators, environmental chambers
  • Our mapping meets FDA, IQOQ, and or PQ requirements
  • Our temperature, humidity, and pressure mapping service is available for multiple industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, laboratories, crime labs, Department of Health and Human Services, and viable sampling plate manufacturers
  • Our mapping service is intrinsically safe
  • Customized reporting available


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