Calibration Lab Technician Job Opening

Allometrics is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration company that sells, calibrates, certifies, services and repairs process instrumentation, weighing devices, controlled environments, measuring and test equipment for laboratories in a wide range of industries. Allometrics is seeking a Calibration Lab Technician for our growing company.

A successful candidate must possess excellent writing, speaking, and communication skills. As well as exceptional organizational, customer service skills, problem‐solving skills. Strong attention to detail, ability to focus, technical and/or mechanical aptitude, excellent math skills are also vital. Must be computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office applications; such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Responsibilities of a Calibration Lab Technician may include the following and other duties may be assigned:

‐  Supports service operations in the Cal‐Lab and at the customer site.

‐  Provides Calibration of equipment/instruments.

‐  Preventive maintenance, and repair of various gravimetric, volumetric, pressure, temperature and electrical measuring devices.

‐  Additional support services are to be provided as required.

The ideal Candidate will have a background in one or more of the following:

‐ Electronics.

‐ Electrical.

‐ Pressure.

‐ Temperature.

‐ Airflow.

‐ Mass (Gravimetric).

Job requirements:

‐  Aptitude for new technology and navigating various software menus.

‐  Lifting of various test equipment with weight ranges between 6 and 50 lbs.

‐  Pushing and pulling a tool cart up to a weight of 200 lbs.

‐  Must have good electrical and mechanical troubleshooting skills.

‐  Positive attitude and excellent work ethic.

‐  Quick learner.

‐  Self‐starter.

Allometrics offers:

‐ Competitive pay.

‐ Benefits including 401k, health insurance, and PTO ‐ Friendly work atmosphere.

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