The Many Benefits of Cleanroom Certification

Any industry that requires a sterile environment to maintain its operational integrity and compliance knows just how vital cleanroom certification services are.

Settings such as compounding pharmacies, hospital laboratories, and research facilities must comply with strict USP regulations and must maintain their work environments within approved standards.

Why Cleanroom Certification is Important

As its name indicates, a cleanroom is a controlled environment area (CEA) in which the concentration of airborne pollutants is carefully controlled.

Cleanroom construction and use aim to minimize the amount of foreign and potentially harmful particles introduced, generated, and retained within the work environment.

To achieve the required sterile environment standards, HEPA filters, and specific airflow parameters within the cleanroom are necessary.

To properly control airborne particulate concentrations and ensure the industry’s environmental conditions and regulatory agency’s specifications, periodic cleanroom certification becomes imperative.

The Many Benefits of Cleanroom Certification
The Many Benefits of Cleanroom Certification

Benefits of Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom standards vary from one industry to another. Compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and biomedical research facilities are examples of industries that need ultra-sterile environments with strict control of dust, dirt, and other pollutants to ensure their products are safe.

While standards vary, one thing is sure; cleanroom certification benefits anyone whose manufacturing process makes use of a cleanroom.

Minimizes Contamination

Following strict screening processes and surface and tool sterilization practices are just part of maintaining a sterile environment. A well-managed cleanroom will also provide regular maintenance to their HCAV system and HEPA filters to eliminate contaminants to industry standards.

Additionally, conducting regular viable air and surface sampling and glove fingertip sampling will ensure that both cleanroom staff and its products are contaminant free.

It Contains Contamination

USP 797 and USP 800 establish strong controls to help protect workers and the products manufactured within the cleanroom environment.

One of the main components of these regulations is the containment of hazardous materials. Extracting and containing toxic or potentially harmful particles is just as crucial as preventing pollutants from entering the sterile environment.

That is why proper maintenance of barrier isolators, chemical fume hoods, and biological safety cabinets is essential within the cleanroom environment.

Government Compliance

Government agencies have increased and tightened their regulations to safeguard the public. Strict rules help control our food quality, medications and protect the environment from toxic substances that could endanger humans and wildlife.

But stricter rules can also mean headaches for manufacturers, who always need to maintain their manufacturing process standards. This is where cleanroom certification services come into play.

Regular cleanroom certification is a requirement to remain compliant with all industry and governmental regulations.

Cost Reduction and Risk Management

When unacceptable contaminant levels are present within a cleanroom setting, it compromises the safety and quality of products and research data.

Products that fail to meet quality standards are not fit for commercialization. These situations represent high costs in time and materials for the manufacturer, not to mention the potential legal consequences.

Allometrics is Your Partner for Success

At Allometrics, we know how challenging it can be to comply with USP Chapter regulations. That is why we are the perfect partner for your company.

Our company provides you with:

  • Highly trained field certifiers
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Rapid response for urgent callout’s
  • System repairs and modifications
  • Competitive pricing
  • Members of the Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA) and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (IEST)

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities. We are sure we can help you achieve and maintain compliance in your cleanroom setting.

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