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Perfecting the Art of Calibration Services Since 1976

We specialize in premium end to end calibration services for an ever-growing array of industries, devices, specialties, and unique needs. With our flexible client services, including pick-up, on site and mail-in options, our laboratory instrument calibration services give thoughtful attention to our customers’ quality and efficiency needs.

Our mobile service provides maintenance and calibration for your facility bringing our expertise directly to your door. Our mobile units are equipped to calibrate, certify, repair and install your critical equipment.


A2LA has accredited


for technical competence in the field of



  • Air Flow/Velocities
  • Gravimetrics
  • Mass
  • Dimensional
  • Torque
  • Controlled
  • Environments
  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Volumetrics
  • Electronics
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Asset Management Solutions

We offer budget-sensitive instrument asset management programs that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific critical objectives. You can view your calibration records any time using your laptop or mobile through our Secure Web Portal. If we can’t calibrate or service a particular instrument ourselves, we manage a team of vendors that can. Bundling discounts are available.

Asset utilization

We offer on-site and mail-in programs with rapid turn-around to enhance operational efficiency.

Governing quality metrics

We are ISO 17025 accredited and offer NIST traceable conformity testing.

Asset data management

Professional asset reports and secure web portal data warehousing are available.

Measuring and Test Equipment (MT&E)

Calibration and certification service providers are only as good as the people they employ and the equipment they use. We seek out the best in high precision reference standards.

Calibration Documents

We offer professional report formats that satisfy all varying industry/client-custom quality requirements.

Electronic data management

Allometrics employs hand-held, electronic data management hardware. We continually improve our enterprise software for instrument service scheduling and record management capabilities. Data warehousing is available through our secure portal.

Safety, liability/risk compliance

We meet the most stringent liability insurance limits and maintain a low EMR.

Allometrics is a Top Rated ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

Company Since 1976 (Cert# 2039.01)